HU President Donates Additional Gift to Staff

The key to any college or university’s success starts and ends with exemplary leadership.  For well over a century, Hampton University has demonstrated what constitutes true leadership, dedication, innovation, and sacrifice. For the second time in three months, President William Harvey and his wife have contributed a considerable donation in order to stay ahead of the economic downturn.

Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey and Mrs. Norma B. Harvey, have given a $166,000 personal gift to HU to support a wage increase to all full-time permanent HU staff earning less than $8 an hour.  Through this donation, 118 full-time, permanent HU staff employees will receive a wage increase equal to $8 an hour.  This increase takes effect July 1.

This contribution follows the recent gift of $1 million to HU by the Harveys.  In July 2006, President and Mrs. Harvey made a similar donation of $45,000 to the University in support of a five percent increase to staff earning less than $7 an hour.  In total, the Harveys have gifted more than $2.2 million to the University over the past ten years.

“Norma and I have made another gift to increase the wages of hourly support staff to $8 an hour. While everyone at Hampton already receives more than the minimum wage, we wanted to show our gratitude to those staff members who serve the campus behind the scenes.  These dedicated employees serve our faculty, administration and students and warrant our recognition,” said President Harvey.


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