Beyonce’ and HBCUs

On April 14, 2018, Beyonce’ performed at Coachella to honor the Homecoming Weekend Experience at HBCUs. From the band, dancers, and Greek inspired fashion, she illuminated the rich culture of HBCUs.

But why Coachella? Some refer to Coachella as the modern day “Woodstock” where the audience is predominantly White and ticket prices start at $429 per person. Beyonce’ is the first Black female to headline the festival.

However, Beyoncé’s mother, Ms. Tina Lawson, shared her hesitation regarding the HBCU inspired performance. She felt the audience would be confused but, Beyoncé had a larger vision in mind. Beyonce’ hoped to teach and inspire people of all colors about the RICH culture and history at HBCUs. And she did!

Beyoncé’s father Matthew Knowles is an alum of Fisk University, where I would assume the Queen B had her first interaction with an HBCU. Whether her father shared stories of his Fisk days or attended a homecoming with his daughter, the HBCU blood runs through Beyoncé and is why she’s given back to our institutions.

Since this epic performance, Beyonce’ announced her Homecoming Scholars Award Program ( which awards four $25,000 scholarships to a student at Xavier University, Wilberforce University, Tuskegee University and Bethune-Cookman University. Additionally, in 2017 Beyonce’ created the Formation Scholars ( which awards four scholarships to female students pursuing studies in creative arts, music, literature or African-American studies at participating schools including Howard University and Spelman College.

After this historical moment we want to know what you think about Beyoncé’s influence on HBCUs. Please click the link below and complete the survey. It will only take 2-3 minutes to complete.

Survey Beyoncé and HBCU

Thank you for your responses and following us at State of HBCUs.

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