The LIST: Proposed Issues and Solutions of HBCUs

This page will be dedicated as a list of issues that HBCUs should address and list of solutions that HBCUs should possibly take on. As an ongoing list, the statements you state in your posts, to us through Facebook and/or other discussions will be comprised and frequently updated. 

Please post and provide feedback to proposed issues and solutions!

Proposed Issues:

  1.  “Will you address alumni support or lack of alumni support for hbcus? I’m speaking of financial support.”
  2. “Nowadays, some kids only associate HBCU’s with being insufficient or think that it gives a false perception of reality. This blog hopefully can become widespread enough to address these issues.”
  3. “And also, development (fundraising, etc) is a really big driver for schools. Idk what HBCUs are doing, but it seems (from my limited perspective) that they really aren’t tapping into their fundraising potential, and that has to do with a lot of things that are interconnected: student retention, student experience can dictate whether they decide to give back, reaching newer graduates via new channels, etc. “
  4. “But again I ask, to what end? For what purpose? Are we trying to hold on to something that is outdated? Are we loosing the value of diversity by trying to maintain an HBCU?”

Proposed Solutions:

  1.  “If so, maybe better marketing is needed. However, if this is not the case HBCU’s must find a better way to attract students, perhaps an increased use of technology to make classes more accessible to non traditional students or more graduate programs? “

2 thoughts on “The LIST: Proposed Issues and Solutions of HBCUs

  1. Many HBCU have diversified and competitive members of the faculty. These members do engage in research. It is the responsibility of the society to give HBCU students equal chance to compete in the American market place. I believe that it is the negative perception of many persons that hurts many HBCU. HBCU have been doing the best job and they will continue to do it if their product is given the due respect it rightlfully deserves. Many corporations and businesses should invest with open mind and with clear expectations for the money donated then HBCU will rise up to the challenge.

    I am not an African American nor a product of HBCU but I believe in them. They produce best with the money.


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