StateofHBCUs Top 5 HBCU Presidents

2 thoughts on “StateofHBCUs Top 5 HBCU Presidents”

  1. One correction. Tuskegee did not become a university until 1985 and therfore could not be a credit under Robert Moton.
    That having been said, it is impressive to note that two (possibly 3 given your comments concerning Patterson) of your top five influential HBCU presidents of all time hail from Tuskegee University. This is even more notable given the fact that the university has only had 6 presidents in it’s 130+ year history. If says something about the specialness of this institution.

    1. You are correct. If I recall correctly, Moton expanded the curriculum to include a more Liberal Arts friendly course and established Bachelor of Arts degrees in Agriculture and Education. Vesta Lowe for example, a student from Guyana was among the first to receive a B.Sc in Home Economics.

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