Ronald Gerald Jr., “The Side Effects of Love”

One of my favorite things about college life was the opportunity to come across talented and like-minded African Americans.  Some of the best times in college happened in the most simplest and unexpected places or occasions, the dorm.  This is where I met my good friend and brother Ronald Gerlad, Jr., or as we like to call him Wonald lol.  This jokestor is by far one of the funniest people I know.  Previous President of the Gamma Iota Chapter of A phi A, a student leader, an ‘average stepper’ lol, and a host of other accomplishments, one of his most profound talents often went under the radar.

I’ll never forget the time, Ron was in our dorm room and told us he could sing.  Thinking this was just another joke, those in the room quickly stopped laughing when we heard Ron break out in a melodic tune.  From then on, it never came as a surprise to anyone on Hampton’s campus to hear Ronald Gerald singing, it became commonplace to hear him singing in a step show, or releasing his vocals somewhere in the Student Center.  Once again it comes as no surprise now, that the talented Ronald Gerald, has honed in on his musical abilities and released his debut mixtape.

Offering a passionate and fun listening experience, “The Side Effects of Love” has the potential to put Ron on the map as a serious musician.  The album is a culmination of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, moreover, it is the culmination of life’s experiences and the fruition of a life long dream.

You can check out one of my favorite songs entitled, “Beautiful” below.

Be sure to download the full mixtape at


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