A Different World: “Homey Don’t Ya Know Me?”

How many students have left “significant others” at home, in order to attend college hundreds of miles away?  Hopeful promises of remaining faithful, talking on the phone everyday, and pledges to make weekend trips home are plentiful among freshman students and “distant lovers.”  But what really happens when that young lonely student enters into a new world and experiences something better than what was at home for the first time? Are those promises kept, do people change, for better, for worse, and moreover, what happens to love??

One of the most captivating episodes of A Different World provided an unprecedented look into the phenomenon of long distance relationships among college students at black colleges.  When Lena (Jada Pinkett) is visited by her old neighborhood pals from Baltimore, tensions flare class and educational variables clash. Just when Lena thought things could not get worse, her old love, Piccolo (played by the late rap artist Tupac Shakur) arrives, with ambitions of rekindling their old flame.  Needless to say Piccolo isn’t pleased to discover how much Lena has changed since exiting the ‘hood. Originally scheduled for a network telecast on June 17, 1993, this is one of two Different World episodes never shown on NBC, though both were included in the syndication package.

Watch the full episode below:


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