A Time of Crisis: Natural Disaster ends Shaw University’s Spring 2011 Semester

As you know, we are not in control of any natural disaster. From the tornado that Shaw University recently experienced to Hurricane Katrina which occurred almost seven years ago; we have no control of the impact a natural disaster creates in our everyday lives. However, as a HBCU family, what can we do to assist our fellow HBCUs in “A Time of Crisis?”

Currently, Shaw University is at a standstill due to the severe damage which has occurred from a tornado this past Saturday. The University has indicated that students will finish this semester with the grades they’ve earned prior to the tornado due to only eight days remaining in the semester. Thus ending any chance to improve a final grade or possibility of graduating.

Is it just to end a semester due to a natural disaster or should other options be made available for the students?

In such a time as this, how can the HBCU family work together to assist these students in meeting their academic goals for 2011?

During the Fall of 2004, when hurricane Katrina hit our nation, I remember HBCUs unifying in their purpose. By transferring students from Southern, Dillard and Xavier University, HBCUs strived to carry on their mission to assist students from these universities in obtaining their academic goals and career pursuits. Financial assistance, student and academic services were provided to these students, with an extra effort in helping them adjust. What efforts are currently being made by our HBCU family to do the same for Shaw University?

In “A Time of Crisis,” we must keep our mission as HBCUs at our forefront and remain as a family. There are various factors constantly trying to deter us from our mission; therefore we must continue to unify in purpose. Because if we don’t who else will?

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One thought on “A Time of Crisis: Natural Disaster ends Shaw University’s Spring 2011 Semester

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